Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yale >> tomorrow

I got around to looking at my "Yale >> tomorrow" endowment campaign booklet today (yay Thanksgiving vacation!) and who did I find inside?

Everyone's favorite new Iowa resident, Warren, looking very science-y and Yale-y in his fashionable Yale sweatshirt. Has this picture been around for awhile, or was it taken specifically for the finance booklet? Did you have any idea you'd be so internationally famous and probably responsible for millions in science and engineering donations, Warren?

Also, does anyone else know any of the 07 donors listed? One of the girls lived on my floor in entryway E of Vanderbilt freshman year (they called themselves "the Asshole Suite" in typically charming fashion...), but no one else rings a bell. And how is there already a donor from 08? Talk about over-achieving...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

07 list

Is anyone else not in the 07 google group and not getting 07 emails? Let me know!
<3 <3

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Game plans!

Hi all,

Here's the deal:

1) 05 and 06 are having a joint tailgate, and they'd like to invite 07 to join in!

2) people are going shopping in New Haven on Friday night as a small group to get supplies. These will be standard, simple tailgate fare: hotdogs, hamburgers, paper plates, chips, cheese, etc. If you're going to be around and you'd like to get in on it, email Katie (Dana).

3) booze: as of right now, it's looking like BYOB so that everyone can have the kind of beer/girly drinks they like. If you're flying in and can't bring something, Mike LoPresti is taking drink orders to get on Friday night during the shopping (email him). Also, there will be at least one dispenser thing full of hot schnoccolate.

4) if you're planning on coming, shoot Katie an email -- she's trying to get an idea of numbers. There will be probably be a suggested contribution somewhere between $5-20 (depending on whether we go with BYOB or a keg).

5) I went to the Harvard-Penn game on Saturday to scope out the competition. It is going to be sweet to watch our team/band pound theirs into submission.

*Either Jenny or I will update you as things unfold (e.g. final alcohol decision) -- so excited to see everyone!!