Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hello '07 list?

Coffee and Sunshine

Hey guys!

I'm so sad I missed graduation and seeing you all! I didn't know everyone was going (not that I could have made it anyway). Sounds amazing. Interesting that Tony Blair is still considered "more important" than Obama.

Chris, congrats on moving on in your career. Sounds like you're really gettin' it done. And considering my last job paid $5.00/hour (illegal, I know), I have to admit, it sounds like you're livin' the high life :-)

As for me, the sun is finally out in England. It'll probably only last for a day, but for the moment, I'm enjoying it so much! My masters thesis is due in 6 days, but I'm making progress so hopefully there won't be too many all-nighters required before that. Engineers aren't supposed to have to write long papers! Now I know how all you non-group-IV majors felt before! But alas... there is no Discuss at Cambridge to keep me company at night.

I've been rowing this year for my college and we have our big race coming up next Friday as well, so I'm getting super pumped for that. Hope I don't die.

Also, I decided to head West next year to do a Ph.D. at Berkeley/UCSF in bioengineering so Chris and Ali... I'll be coming your way :-) I'll really miss being able to hop on a plane for a weekend trip to Italy, but I'm excited to start on that epic journey. I think I'm going to be in school until I'm 80.

Anyway, sounds like you all are doing wonderful things and changing the world! I can't believe it's already been a year since we graduated!

Does anyone know how to make this blog send you an email when someone posts things?


Thursday, May 29, 2008


New Haven was great. I have to say, I missed the East Coast for the first time. Pizza, bagels, and Rudy's frites aside, it was great to see all of you who could make it!

Anyway, the reason for the David Bowie title - I finally quit my job today! My immediate supervisor laughed; she definitely saw it coming. Not that I'm a crappy employee - well, the fact that I'm on Blogger in the middle of the afternoon is evidence to the contrary - but clearly I am not the Corporate America type.

If you or anyone you know is thinking of becoming a paralegal - don't do it! Yes, it seems like an obvious choice for pre-law school types, and it compensates fairly well, but it is B-O-R-I-N-G. Like, worse than a Steven Smith political philosophy lecture.

So, it's onward to summer classes at UC Berkeley, as I try to figure out if I want to pursue a master's in city planning. I'll also be working for the City of Oakland's environmental services division - meaning I will be an energy efficiency number cruncher. Sounds kinda boring, but at $27/hour, it's not a bad temp gig!

Am I the first '07er to be launching a career change? Also, does anyone have independent health insurance to recommend? I'm not looking for anything fancy like annual checkups and prescription drugs, just something that'll have me covered in case I get hit by a bus. Thoughts?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This man with Sir Paul is Eytan, a D-port resident fellow. That is Sir Paul holding Eytan's D-port pennant. When Eytan processed past me, he hugged me and gave me his d-port pennant. Therefore, I was carrying a pennant that Sir Paul had held all day without even knowing it! Totally freaking out.

Commencement was sweet

Despite having to move to our new (and super awesome) apartment in downtown DC this weekend, I abandoned Will for 24 hours for a whirlwind commencement tour. During that wonderful New Haven day, I came to the conclusion (again) that Yale is basically the best place on earth.

I got in just in time for Class Day. I got to sit with the Kappa clan, Hudson, and Duffy and Stephanie (who due to a change in rehearsal schedule were attending their first class day ever). Tony Blair's speech was filled with famous quotes and witty comments, and was generally inspiring. The weather was perfect- mid 70s and not a cloud in the sky. It was such a pleasant time.

There was a lot of oh sev <3 to go around this weekend; Chris and Ali came all the way from San Fran, Ben and Hudson came all the way from the Jerz, Kappa from the deep south (his accent thicker than usual), Nick and Christina were there and we got to see Phoebe and Errol. And Herg- I hear you were there too and I'm sorry I missed you! Liquid picnic was in Bingham this year because someone knew about Becton ctyrd and was going to close it down. We still watched the movie in Davies, and the picnic was still a shitshow. 09's movie was wonderful (probably, I forgot to pay attention to a lot of it). It was "InDiana (pronounced like "in diana") Jones and the Book of Life". Maybe someone else can give more details. I was just thrilled to be sitting next to Ali Fraz. And they said my name at one point in the movie!

Anyway, I was very happy with oh sev, BAR pizza, frites, and free booze (oh how I miss college!). The pomp and circumstance was great. And Nick got a photo of Sir Paul picking his nose!

As I said at the beginning of this post, Will and I just moved into a new apartment downtown (by Gallery Place/China Town). Doug and Ronli are probably starting their road trip out to Cali at this very minute. It will be sad not to have Doug around so I hope you all come to visit to cheer me up!

lots of <3