Monday, June 30, 2008

YPMB lives!

I don't know anything about this protein, but hopefully evolution will lead to its prominence.

(I'm trying to blog this from Dashblog for the first time...hopefully it works!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Feel Old...

From Discuss:

"So, I'm about to go on an awesome camping trip, and for the purposes of this trip, my friends and I are all contributing some of our favorite songs for rockin' out to the group playlist. The problem is, I have no idea a few of the greatest YPMB songs are called by their real names.

If you could help me out with any of the following names, I will love you forever.

Sabbath Slammasters

Kick his ass, seabass

Madness of King George"

I understand Seabass, but Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting and Basketcase shouldn't be that hard, should they? Oy vey.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Luckily I live pretty far away from any creeks or rivers, but the entirety of downtown cedar rapids is under water. The river swallowed up tons of buildings, including a Dairy Queen, the water reached its roof! Bridges are closed, and since yesterday, the plant I work in has had to shut down, because the city water supply is dangerously low.
So here I am, with water my horde of water (in a nice little variety of containers: glasses, mixing bowls, bathtub), and am prepared for a long haul in case I get water shut down.

Luckily I have electricity and internet, plus the water in town has crested.

Other rivers in iowa have yet to reach their crest, and over the next few days will be getting fucked up by water as well!

Damn I wish I had a hovercraft. Or one of those things they use on duck tours (ducks?).

Anyway, thought I'd let you guys know! Bracing for the long possibly waterless weekend!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

A bit delayed...

I'm definitely bummed that I didn't get to see the gang in New Haven over Memorial Day -- not to mention Blair and Beatley-legends (complete with D-port flags, apparently!). Still, though, it was time well-spent: Michael and I flew to Clarion via Pittsburgh and were joined on Saturday by Michael's mom and dad, who had never been to my little piece of the Appalachian foothills before. Aside from it being really nice for them to see me and my parents on our home turf, it was also really nice to celebrate Mike's and my engagement with both sets of parents.

Yes, you read that right: Michael and I are engaged!

According to numerous sources in the greater Clarion metropolitan area, engagement is closely tied to imminent wedding plans. This comes as news to me, who thought there'd be a nice grace period to adjust to the extra weight on my left hand before adding to it any further. In any case, though, we haven't even decided what state to get married in (PA? MA? Indiana? [Where I'm headed into a linguistics PhD program in August @ IU]), let alone a date. For now, we're just enjoying the new, happy status!