Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hi everyone!

Nothing too exciting going on here in apothecary land but yesterday I was g-chatting with my friend Emily and right before she left to freak out about her first LA earthquake she sent me this from an overheard in law school blog:

"Legislation Prof: This is how you tell that the author of the textbook is a professor at Yale. He starts to use words like "meta" and "exogenous". You know that when you hear the word meta, the plane has stopped in New Haven. "

A week from Friday I am leaving on a family vacation to go back to the old countries- we're going to Hungary/Ukraine to see the town where my grandfather was born (it was Hungary then, now it's Ukraine) and then stopping in Rome to pay homage to my Italian grandfather for a couple days on the way home. I'm sure I'll have lots to share about that trip!! I miss you all a ton and hope you are all adjusting to year two of the real world better than I am. lots of <3